How To Sell Online

Selling your children’s goods is easy with TotSwap!

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way:

1. Gather your items & Register as a Seller!
  • Gather the items you would like to sell – kids, mens, women’s, home decor, & even pet items can be sold at our online events!
    • Make sure your items are clean, in excellent condition, and have all pieces included.
    • Shoppers are able to return merchandise that does not meet our quality standards or if an item doesn’t match its description.
  • Register here as a seller. There is a $7 registration fee or $5 when you register during our Early Bird registration period.
2. Enter your items with our easy to use online system.
  • Enter the items into your account. The system will prompt you for the item description, price and a photo. Any item with a picture will be seamlessly transferred to the online store.
  • Use your phone or other mobile device for item entry. This is the easiest and most seamless way to add pictures.
    • A good photo can be the difference between selling and not selling! We’ve compiled some helpful photo tricks & tips below.
  • Choose the best and most specific category available for your item. This is where your item will show up in the online store.
    • Please note: we’ve expanded our categories to provide more options adding women’s & men’s clothing, accessories, home decor and more.
    • Be as detailed as you can with your description – brand, size, description.
  • There is a minimum price of $4 – small bundles are encouraged for clothing and books
  • Once you’ve locked your inventory, please do NOT cross post items elsewhere.
3. Watch your items SELL!
  • We’ll load your items into our online store at
  • Sales will be posted each morning with the previous days sales.
  • Gather and prep ONLY your sold items.
    • NO hangers for clothing items
    • All pieces and items must be securely bundled together – use zip ties, clear bags that are closed securely.
    • Larger items do not need to be assembled (crib, pack n play, etc). Include all pieces and package them in an easy way to transport to the sale. This will also make it easier for the shopper at pickup.
  • TotSwap will generate special buyer tags for you to attach to each sold item.
    • These are different than our in person MyCM tags.
    • Print tags on regular paper to then securely attach to your items, cardstock is not required.
4. Drop off only the items you sold
  • Reserve a Check-In time in your MyCM account.
  • Bring your SOLD items only to drop-off.
  • Check your items in to ensure everything has been dropped off & tagged properly.
    • Organize your items in alphabetical order based on the buyer tag. This will help drop off go more quickly.
    • Depending on how many items you have, dropoff should take about 30 minutes.
  • We’ll make sure your items get to the person who bought them and you are paid.
5. Get paid
  • Payment is sent via eMail the less than one week after shopper pick up.
  • Be sure that the email in your account is up to date in order to receive your payment!

Still have questions? Go to our Consignor FAQ’s page here for more information.

Photo Taking Tips and Tricks:

No, we’re not talking professional-quality, but good pictures are important and will increase the likelihood of your items being sold. Remember the photo that you upload is what the customer will see.

  • Take photos on your phone, iPad, or other device.
  • Find some good light- Shoot during daylight, pull back your blinds and turn off the lamps.  You can event take pictures outside on a bright and sunny day.
  • Use a clean & simple background.  A white poster board or blank surface will make your items pop.
  • Only ONE picture per item so make it a good one! 
    • Photos must be vertical
    • No blurry pictures
    • Use an app to put multiple pictures together into 1 image, but please do NOT combine anymore than 3 pictures.  This make the file too large and it may not be able to load into our webstore.
    • When shooting bundles make sure all items are visible.
**No tags needed in your pictures

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