Drop Off & Pick Up

How Drop-Off Works

  • Upon arrival, check-in with a team member at the table by the front door. (You may bring one load of items in with you at this time.)

    A team member will check you in and give you pre-sale passes.  Hang onto these passes as they will NOT be replaced if lost. 

    Video games should be given to the check-in volunteer at this time. For security purposes, they will be marked and kept in a separate container behind our check-out counter.

    Large items (baby equipment, ride ons, large activity toys) will receive a large item tag upon check-in.  Please inform your inspector of any of these items. A large claim ticket will be put on these items during check-in.

  • You will then be directed to an available inspector, who will review your consigned items.  If an inspector is not available right away, then you may be asked to wait a few minutes. The volunteer will screen your items for:

    Clothes with stains, tears, holes, excessive wear, excessive smells, etc.

    Toys and other equipment for missing pieces, old items that are not acceptable, proper packaging.  All items must be in working condition WITH BATTERIES!!

    We reserve the right to reject any items during the check-in process. Additional items may be pulled over the sale weekend.

    It is IMPERATIVE that consignors pre-screen their items and check for any recalled items.

  • Once inspection is complete, you then need to place your items in the appropriate locations on the sales floor. There will be signs with the various categories to help you locate the right place for your items. If you are unsure, please ask! It is the consignor’s responsibility to place items in the appropriate space. Please understand that if you place your girls 4t items in the girls 3mos section, they will most likely remain there throughout the weekend and they won’t sell!!
  • Once all items have been placed on the sale floor, you can be on your way!
  • Please be aware that we do have a limited number of rolling bins & clothing racks on wheels for your use to help transport items from your car to the sale floor. If you have a wagon or cart on wheels… you may want to bring it!

  • We do recommend that all consignors schedule a check-in appointment, but if you have over 100 items, it is required. If you have over 200 items, you must schedule a time prior to 6p on the first day of drop-off. To schedule an appointment, simply log into your account and click “Check-In” from the blue bar at the top of the page!
  • When scheduling a time to drop off items, keep in mind that we are busiest at the opening of drop-off on Wednesday/Thursday morning/afternoon and also in the evenings before we close. If you can schedule to come during the non-peak hours, it will be to your benefit since we will have more volunteers on the sale floor able to help you with the process!
  • All items must be on the sale floor prior to the close of drop-off (usually noon, but please double check your specific sale hours).

How Pick-Up Works

  • Please bring bins, boxes, etc. to gather items. Our limited number of bins and clothing racks on wheels may only be used to help transport items to your car. You are welcome to bring wagons or hand trucks.
  • The sales through Sunday evening at 4p will be uploaded into MyCM by 5p. You can print and bring the list of unsold items with you or access them from a smartphone. REGISTERS may still open between 4p-6p. Any items sold between these times will be uploaded into consignor accounts by Tuesday morning. We will NOT be able to print settlement reports on site.
  • Consignors will need to find their items on the sale floor. It is recommended that consignors look throughout the sale floor for their items. With thousands of customers touching items over the weekend, they are often moved around. We do the best we can to recover them to the proper place, but it is not possible to catch everything.
  • Once your items are collected, you take them to a table staffed by a volunteer who will check to make sure you’re only collecting your own items.
  • As a reminder, TotSwap is not responsible for lost or missing items after a sale. With thousands of items that are inventoried over the weekend we do the best we can by providing security and checks and balances at the registers, but ultimately we are not responsible for missing items.

Tips for a Smooth Drop-Off

  • If you have lots of items -leave the kids at home unless they are of the age and temperament to help.
  • Please allot 30 minutes for screening and delivering to the floor; if you have more than 100 items, it may take longer.
  • Pre-sort:

    • Clothing separately by size and gender  
    • Shoes by size and gender
    • Whole and half sizes can be grouped together – (e.g. 7 and 7 ½ can go together)
    • SocksAccessories, by gender
    • Costumes
  • In addition, it will be helpful to come with following items grouped together when you bring them in:

    • Books by category: board books, early reader, parenting
    • Infant toys
    • Toys
    • Games
    • Puzzles
    • Crafts
    • Educational items
    • Feeding
    • Bedding
    • Ride-on toys
    • Household items
    • Sports equipment

Tips for a Smooth Pick-Up

  • Before you come in, print out a list of all unsold items from your inventory to help you keep track and to remind you what you’re looking for. You may also access this list on a smart phone.
  • If you have a lot of items, sort your list by type of item
  • If you can’t find an item:

    Look everywhere!! Items are moved constantly throughout the weekend.  With thousands of customers touching items over the weekend, they are often moved around. We do the best we can to recover them to the proper place, but it is not possible to catch everything.

    For clothes, look in racks of adjacent sizes.

    With thousands of items inventoried over the weekend, there is a small risk in loosing an item in your inventory. We do not inventory items coming into the sale, so please remember that we do not guarantee an item if it goes missing.  

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