How To Sell Online

  • Selling your children’s goods is easy with TotSwap!


    We’ve created a short video to show you how easy it is to upload and tag your items.

    Check it out here!


  • Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way: 

    1. Gather your supplies and items 

    You should have most of these items at home! Things you’ll need:

    • Camera, camera phone, or tablet
    • White cardstock paper (no printer paper) and scissors
    • Printer
    • Safety pins or tagging gun
    • Plastic bags to hold accessories or parts
    • String, zip ties, or ribbon
    • Child-sized metal or plastic hangers (if selling clothing)

    2. Create an account and register for your sale

    You’ll sign up for sales, manage your inventory, and track sold items here.

    3. Photograph your items

    A good photo can be the difference between selling and not selling! We’ve compiled some helpful photo tricks & tips below.

    4. Upload and tag

    We use tags to keep track of the inventory and make sure your items get to the right person. It’s important that you follow these instructions carefully to make sure your items are tracked and you get paid.  Have questions about tagging? Visit our “How to Tag” page for more instructions here

    And if you need to edit anything after you’ve posted, we’ve outlined those simple steps here

    5. Drop off only the items you sold

    Simply drop at our touchless product drops. We’ll make sure your items get to the person who bought them and you are paid.

    Still have questions? Go to our Consignor FAQ’s page here for more information. 

  • Photo Taking Tips and Tricks: 

    No, we’re not talking professional-quality, but good pictures are important and will increase the likelihood of your items being sold. Remember your photos that you upload is what the customer will see. 

    1. All you need is your phone!

    Take photos on your phone, iPad or another device.

    2. Find some good light!

    Shoot during daylight, pull back your blinds and turn off the lamps. Or take the items outside on a nice day. 

    3. Use a clean and simple background

    A white poster board or blank surface will ensure your item shines.

    4. You only get ONE picture per item, so make it a good one!

    Double-check that your image isn’t blurry and that a thumb didn’t sneak over the lens.

    5. Shooting bundles?

    Make sure all items can be seen.

    **No Tags needed in your pictures

TotSwap is committed to your safety, your family & your pocketbook. See our COVID Policy update for details.