• We are so excited to be expanding our offerings and going ONLINE with our Frederick Sale, June 9-14!!
    Limited space is available for this event so please be sure to review the process and start tagging ASAP.
    Consignors will be required to tag items into MyCM as usual and take pictures for upload.  More information below.

    Please also review the Accepted Items page for general guidelines. 

    • Quality Clothing – Boutique & Better Brands up to size 16
    • Toys (MUST have batteries in working condition)
    • Baby Equipment (CLEAN – be sure to get into those tight spots)- strollers, baby swings, pack n’play, baby carrier
    • Outdoor Toys
    • Books
    • Puzzles & Games – be sure they have ALL the pieces
    • DVDs – DISNEY Only
    • Electronics – in working condition with batteries
    • Baby Furniture 
    • Cribs – Please not that we will NOT accept cribs manufactured prior to June 28 2011.  ALL cribs must have the manufacture date on the crib showing it was made after this date
    • Large Toys, Bikes
    • Children’s Furniture & Room Décor
    • Anything else related to children!!

    What NOT to bring:

    • Stuffed Animals
    • Maternity Clothing
    • Junior Clothing

    Price & Clothing Limits

    • $4 minimum item price – bundles are encouraged and must be listed in your inventory as 1 item.
    • maximum number of 100 clothing ITEMS per consignor –  within that maximum sizes 0-2T are limited to 10 per size.  Clothing pieces CAN be bundled and count as 1 item.


    • How will this work for consignors?  Sellers will register as a consignor in MyConsignment Manager and tag items as we normally do for an in-person sale.  During the tagging process you will need to enter 1 picture for each item.  

    • How should I take pictures?  Pictures can be taken on your phone, iPad or other device you would like.  Good pictures are important and will increase the likelihood of your items being sold.  Make sure you have good lighting.  Items should be placed on a clean and simple background.  A white poster board or something similar is ideal.  Only ONE picture is allowed per item.  Bundles can be laid out together for picture taking.  You do NOT need to include the tag in your picture.
    • How do I upload pictures? Enter your items into your MyConsignment account as you would for our normal in-person sales.  MyCM has a new user friendly interface which includes a place to upload your picture.  CLICK HERE to see a video on how it works once you have created your online account.  
    • What if I’ve already entered items but need to add pictures?  You can add pictures to listing you have already entered.  CLICK HERE to see a video on how to edit your listings.  
    • How should I bring items to the sale?  ONLY SOLD items will be dropped off on the Saturday after the online sale.  Your MyCM account will be updated throughout the sale which will take place on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  When the sale is over on Friday at 6p you will be required to bring ALL of the sold items listed in your account to the Clarion Inn at Frederick Event Center on Saturday morning between 9a-1p (additional time will be added as needed).  ALL consignors must register for a drop-off time in their account, no exceptions.  We must limit the drop-offs throughout the morning.    If you leave a bin behind, please mark it with your last name & seller number so we can return it to you on Sunday.
    • How should be prepare our items and bundles?  Hangers are not required, BUT they are the easiest way to bundle your clothing items together.  Rubber band the hangers together and attach the tag to 1 item.  Or use a ziploc bag.  Please bring all items packaged together with tags on – pieces attached to larger parts in bags.  Packaging is the same as a regular sale.  When we are fulfilling orders we will need to see what we are picking up so please do NOT put items individually into grocery bags or other bags that we can’t see inside.  Clothing can be neatly folded and placed in open bags or bins – NO GARBAGE BAGS.
    • How will you inspect for quality?  Consignors MUST thoroughly inspect their items before pictures are even taken and uploaded into the system.  We will double check all items as purchases are being fulfilled.  We reserve the right to refund a shopper of any purchase that does not meet our quality standards!  We take this VERY seriously since our customers aren’t able to pre-screen items we need to do a GREAT job of it for them!
    • What is the consignor percentage?  The participation cost has been decreased to 35% for this online sale!  Our expenses are slightly decreased so we are passing on the savings to our consignors.  Team Member help will be needed.  If you can complete one 4-hour shift the participation cost will decrease to 30%; two 4-hour shifts will decrease costs further to 25%; three 4-hour shifts will also offer our earliest shopping opportunity!
    • What about shopping?  Pre-Sales?  50% off Sale? Dollar Dash? We will be offering pre-sales and are still working out these details.  Discount day will be on Friday for those that want to discount their items.  There are some technical limitations so we do encourage discounting your items, but it will not be required.  We will not be able to offer Dollar Dash for the Frederick sale.
    • How will Shoppers get their purchases?  Orders will be fulfilled on Saturday afternoon to be ready for Sunday pick-up from 9a-5p.  We hope to be able to email shoppers when their order has been fulfilled and is ready for pickup.  Pick-up will be curbside and shoppers will need to show their receipt at pick up.  Shoppers will have the opportunity to inspect items from inspection tables if they would like before leaving.
    • Will all the TotSwap Sale have online shopping?  County and State regulations seem to be changing weekly so we will be closely following for updates.  We will keep our consignors & shoppers information of any changes for future sales.
    • How will consignor pick up work?  Since consignors are ONLY dropping off sold items, there will be no consignor pickup other than any bins that are left behind and these may be picked up anytime on Sunday during our shopper pickup hours!
TotSwap is committed to your safety, your family & your pocketbook. See our COVID Policy update for details.